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We are the award-winning team of sound & music professionals. We design sound and produce music for commercials, film and TV

This is our most-awarded work:

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Adaptation for IKANO commercial

We have received

 -  Silver on London International Awards

 -  Silver on ADC*E Barcelona

 -  Grand Prize on Black Sea Ads

in the categories connected to music.

Since then & with that confidence, we work with the creative agencies and production houses in Georgia as well as in the whole our region.

Our Most Awarded Work
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Adaptation of International Hits

The well-known hits bring back the familiar emotions to the audience, which can be extremely beneficial to the brand. We'll help you make the beloved song exclusively yours by changing its form but maintaining the emotions untouched or giving it an another layer. 


Check out our playlist of adaptations on Youtube.